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2M is Atlanta’s Leading Advocate for Sustainability, Inclusion, Resilience + Green Jobs Training

  • 2M is well known in the Sustainability Industry for completing projects on time and exceeding client expectations.
  • We deliver best-in-class sustainable and resilient solutions using a sustainable Integrative Design Process with a comprehensive approach to Social Equity and well-being.
  • Excellence in the design and management of resilient high-performance green building programs is at the core of the service we provide by using sustainable design practices that conserve natural resources, create green jobs, enhance employee productivity and improve quality of life for all residents.


2M's Past

2M has operated in the Atlanta area since 1995 providing commercial program management services to the private and public sectors. 2M is certified by the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) as a DBE Certified company, and by the City of Atlanta as a Women Owned Business Enterprise.

Ms. Morrow was responsible for the 2003 design and construction oversight of Fulton County Government’s first LEED certified building and the State of Georgia’s first LEED Silver Public Library – East Atlanta Library (EAL).

In June 2005 the library was featured on the front cover of “Georgia Library Journal”, was named as the Best Library Branch in Atlanta for 2005 and published in the Library Journal / January 2006 edition. EAL’s 4D time sequenced high-resolution video animation won a LEED Innovation in Design Credit for showing-off the LEED technologies used on this project and for 2M’s Vice President, Leonard Morrow’s explanation of the benefits of LEED.

Thanks to a great team, everything synchronized to make this project remarkable, resulting in a state-of-the-art video bringing information that effectively explained LEED categories in a way simple enough for children to understand. Today this video remains an excellent teaching tool for the LEED rating system. See video: YouTube – East Atlanta Library – Leonard Morrow.

In 2010, our team was responsible for the U.S. Department of Defense’s 120 Person BRAC Dormitory construction project at Moody Air Force Base, and; other LEED certified military construction projects.

Moody Air Force Base 120 Person BRAC Dormitory Achieves LEED GOLD Certification and is DoD’s First LEED Gold Residence Hall: Moody BRAC Dormitory, a 120-person facility built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Savannah District at Moody Air Force Base Ga., was awarded LEED Gold Certification by the U.S. Green Building Council. This $15.6 million 46,791 square-foot dormitory project was completed October 2010. The design incorporates recycled building materials, such as wood doors, carpet and wall tiles, recycled structural steel, and metal roofing.

Local suppliers provided most of the materials reducing the amount of energy needed to transport them and adding a boost to the local economy. The facility was constructed of autoclave aerated concrete panels. These economical, sustainable, solid blocks provide much greater thermal insulation than conventional masonry, resulting in added energy savings. The largest energy efficiency comes from the geothermal ground water heating and air conditioning system. The system draws excess heat from inside the building, and the underground piping carries the heat into the ground for the earth to absorb.

2M has provided LEED Administration and Commissioning oversight since 2011 on the Phases I & II Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System’s Capital Improvement Program valued at $275M. Each Phase I Library project achieved a LEED Gold or Silver Certification.

Some of our Major Projects: Milton Library, Wolf Creek Library, Auburn Avenue Research Library on African American Culture & History and Metropolitan Library.


Present / SP+R

2M authored Fulton County Government’s Sustainability + Resilience Plan (SP+R) that was unanimously passed by the Board of Commissioners on June 5, 2019.


Guiding Principles of Sustainability + Resilience

Principle #1

We are COMMITTED to Climate Change Mitigation and safety for all Citizens

Principle #2

We VALUE Social Equity, Health and Wellness, Enhanced Livable Communities, and Cultural Enrichment for all

Principle #3

We are COMMITTED to promoting and funding Sustainability on our Capital Projects where we will measure and report our progress

Principle #4

We are COMMITTED to providing education as a key to achieving our Sustainability goals and green jobs training.

Principle #5

We are COMMITTED to fostering partnerships to achieve our Sustainability goals

Principle #6

We are COMMITTED to efficient, effective and fiscally Sustainable Governance.

Protecting Our Natural Resources

Our warm southern climate produces plentiful hardwood and pine forests, making the area an exceptional place to live and visit. The main source of drinking water flowing out of the north Georgia mountains is the Chattahoochee River where trout are plentiful. These nature resources must continue to meet our needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Phase II CIP

2M is providing LEED Administration Oversight for the CBRE-H.J. Russell JV Program Management Team (PMT) on behalf of Fulton County Public Library System’s Capital Improvement Program. On each of our 21 Phase II Library projects we are on track to achieve LEED Silver Certification. Phase II includes the renovation of the LEED Silver East Atlanta Library.

2M’s Ocee Library is also being renovated under Phase II. In 2003, the Ocee Library project was managed by Belinda and built by EDT using the LEEDv2 Rating System as a pilot project.

Solar Installation

Cleveland Avenue Library – Fulton County Government’s 1st Solar Project is being managed by 2M. A $50K matching grant was provided by GEFA,
Georgia Environmental Finance Authority .

Solar PV
System’s Inverters


Solar Safety


Solar Panel


Corporate Sustainability Policies

2M writes Corporate Responsibility reports and policies for our clients:

  • Fulton County Government’s Sustainability Plan + Resilience
  • Green Housekeeping Plan
  • Fulton County Library Program’s Green Pest Control Plan
  • Fulton County Library Program’s Green Recycling Plan
  • Fulton County Government’s Green Procurement Policy
  • Content for EBSCO & GEFA Solar Grant Application for Cleveland Avenue Library
  • Fulton County Government’s GPRO Operation & Maintenance Training for staff
  • Fulton County Government’s Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Pilot Program
  • Host Social Equity Event & Tours of LEED Gold Auburn Avenue Research Library on African American Culture and History:
  • • USGBC- GA’s “Social Equity through the Lens of Sustainability 2018
  • • USGBC’s GreenBuild Conference 2019
The Green Standard

2M is among an elite group of professionals credentialed by The Green StandardTM, (TGS) as Green Purchasing Accredited Professionals (GPAP) to design and implement science based, user friendly programs for evaluating and selecting sustainable products for the private and public sectors using third party verification to certify results. TGS developed the first Environmental Product Declaration System created to meet the needs of North American manufacturers and purchasers. The Green StandardTM is a system for sustainability data administration using ISO 14040, and ISO 14025.

Other Sustainability Services

  • Fulton County Library Program’s Sustainable Move Management Services
  • Fulton County Library Program’s Art Placement Services – 1% of the County’s capital improvement budget goes to procure public art.

West End Library
Art: Back to Harlem
By Henry Blackmon
(pictured with 2M)

Sandy Springs Library
Art: Lonely Sparrow
Artist: Gerald Burch

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